Blogging for Idiots

I have started a blog a million times, but then I am not always sure what to write about…also, I am always scared that I am going to offend someone in internet land or that someone from my work will stumble upon this and be like ‘Oh my, that Sherri, she is a bad seed. We should fire her immediately.’ That could happen, right?

I guess I will start with my reason for wanting to blog in the first place. My best friend, Nik, is really into the blogging world and she is always meeting new friends and goes on amazing adventures. She also has a blog that the real people in her life do not have access to and she said because that is where she discusses her real life. No feelings get hurt that way, I guess. My real life is a DISASTER. I mean, like Jerry Springer shit, though I don’t think my boyfriend is actually a woman or is banging my mom or anything. (I totally grossed myself out with that mom reference)

Anyway, real life is getting increasingly difficult to handle and having an outlet (el blog-o!) to just be me would be exceptional! I am going to say all the stupid little things that pop into my head (i.e. el blog-o) and I don’t have to care if I am going to look stupid or hurt a feeling.

Welcome to my head, y’all!


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